It’s not uncommon for organizations to rely on the “technical guy” in their office to handle this technical support needs; the problem with this is that while they know more than most of your staff, they don’t necessarily know IT in the big picture. Their fluency in all things IT may be actually a detriment to your organization, because their scope of knowledge is limited to just desktop support.

This issue is exasperated even more, when they are asked to implement servers, network devices, develop a backup strategy or disaster recovery strategy. We have seen far too often, when this in house desktop support person has put in a solution, but ultimately fails the business due to lack of expertise.
Outsourcing your IT support or Help Desk needs to D-Tech is one way to protect the business, while gaining a fully outsourced IT department integrated with your business goals.

Top Benefits:

1) Allow your employees to perform their primary job function.
With D-Tech providing the help desk services, your in-house staff can be better focused on their skillset. This may be technical in nature or completely unrelated. If your support is being done by an IT Manager, programmer or developer, their salaries likely reflect higher than they should for day to day support. Outsourcing the IT department, allows best use of function without sacrifice to their primary duties and business objectives.

2) Out of the box IT systems
The D-Tech services for IT support provide you with out of the box service desk, helpdesk and IT management software. All tools for reporting and monitoring will be instantly gained and benefit the business by providing detailed insight as to what exactly is going on with IT. Typically organizations without outsourced IT, do not have any metrics to determine overall health of their IT nor exactly what is taking up the time of their support person.

3) Better functioning IT Department
IT involved many areas and solutions to protect and enable the business. Outsourcing your IT provides you access to an entire team of experts in all these areas. This ensure you have the proper skillset and expertise without having to hire your own full time resource with these skills. The areas you want to have solutions for include: helpdesk, server monitoring and management, network monitoring and management, backup strategy, cloud solutions and partnerships, disaster recovery, asset management, life cycle planning and more. By covering the entire spectrum of IT related decisions and factors, your IT department will run better and in turn, your business.


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